We produce the highest quality plants from over 400acres (167ha) of nurseries. Our world-leading Advanced Business Unit (ABU) was opened in 2004 demonstrating our commitment to the ongoing development of the UK horticulture market and our increasing significance within it.

The first phase of our ABU covers 15 acres (6 ha) and is the first phase of four units planned.

It comprises:

  • a reservoir for 23,000 cubic metres of water
  • Over 70 miles of pipe work and rails
  • Over 60,000 carrying stillages
  • 55,238m2 of thermal screens

With this ABU facility we:

  • Have over 14 million plants on the floor at any one time, and
  • Can move over 1 million plants at a time

The business also retains a number of traditional nurseries which are more suited for the quality production of some ranges. The company ethos is to ensure the right crops are grown in the right facility in the right conditions.